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Tryouts for fall 2018 will be held at our new location Krieger Schechter Day School.

Address: 8100 Stevenson Road

Baltimore MD 21208

We are looking for players born in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Please bring inflated soccer ball, shin guards and water battle.

If you are looking for skilled coaches, rigorous practices and competitive games join us today.

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AGE CHART 2018/2019

U-10      players born              2008 U-11    players born                2007 

U-13    players born                2006

U-14    players born                2005

U-15    players born                2004

             Our teams:




   The MG United travel program is specific and unique. It follows a worldwide recognized trend in youth coaching, proven to advance skills and technique. Every practice is strict and designed to meet each player's potential for growth. Just after a few months of practice, players will show a significant improvement in techniques; and more importantly will become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, regardless of their age. In addition, practices encourage social interaction with peers and the  child's love for the game.

   Since we are a very competitive program, we would like to win each game that we play; however if the opponent is better, we will congratulate and keep working harder to overcome any challenges and obstacles in the future. "Fair game and sportsmanship" - that is our motto!





Each player is responsible for a yearly club fee in the amount of $550. The fee covers field rentals throughout the year (indoor and outdoor seasons), field equipment, insurance, marketing, and administration.


In addition to the yearly club fee, each player is required to purchase the team uniform kit (home and away set:  2 jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 pair of socks, and warm-ups). The cost of the team uniform is $200. All uniforms are made by Puma.


Team dues are unique to every team and every season. The total cost is based on the number of players per team, the number of tournaments, coaching fees, referee’s fees, league fees, etc. For example : the  cost range for 2018/2019 season was from-$750-$1600 per student. The price included: club fee, uniforms, coaching fee, two tournaments - one during the Fall and one during the Spring, CMSA Fall League and CMSA Spring League, indoor practices, one indoor session and facility rental fees.

Parents are actively involved in the program decision making process.Throughout the year, MG United organizes a number of fundraising activities to keep down the club costs. The funds raised are used for scholarships, as well as to reduce the overall cost of the program. Individual teams are encouraged to perform their own fundraising in order to reduce their team expense. 


The Travel Program Overview

The Program Cost


Columbus Clasic 2015  is the first official tournament of MG United and we are proud to announce that U-10 boys placed number one among A division teams. After four challenging and exciting games the team effort succeeds. Boys accomplished a victory that was well deserved. Furthermore, the members of our U 10 team are among the youngest players within the age group.

Currently, we are preparing our U-8, U-9 and U-11 for spring tournaments and we are determined that all teams will accomplish significant results.  

Once again, MG United Soccer strives to develop love for the game and sportsmanship among all our players and tournaments are just one of the roads that lead toward this achievement.  

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